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We are proud to endorse Aaron Perry to represent our fellow Waukesha residents in Madison. Aaron has proven to be thoughtful, and highly respectful of all his fellow Waukesha citizens. Wisconsin needs his vision, his integrity and his independence. We deserve nothing less. — Terry and Fay Amerson

I know Aaron will listen to his constituents, think through what is presented and make a decision even if it's not along party lines. He's trustworthy unlike the incumbant he's running against who I've experienced doesn't listen to nor supports what his constituents have shown support. — Joe Boppre

I fully and completely support Aaron Perry to represent the people in Wisconsin's 97th assembly district. We need leaders we can trust and ideas we can stand for, Vote for Aaron Perry and Bring change to Madison! — Samuel D'Amico

Aaron Perry is a true leader. — Example Endorsement
Jay McDivitt

Perry for Wisconsin, Aaron Perry Treasurer
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